Not Gonna Break My Stride

I had such an energetic lifestyle. Then I injured my knee. Every Doctors office i went to (3) all said I needed surgery. Im only 27 years old and I really did not want surgery. The pain was getting to the point of unbearable that It hurt just to walk. I found this place online and the Dr. was amazing. Dr. asked me if I had researched Stem Cell therapy. I had heard about stem cell but all of it was negative years ago. I felt good and hopeful based on how he explained it to me. I decided to do 1 procedure. That very same week I felt a whole lot better. Its been 2 months since the procedure and I feel  great. It seems to me the more time that passes the better and stronger my knee feels

 Dr. is recommending another MRI at the 6 month point he feels my partial meniscus tear will be improved so no surgery. I love this place and I recommend you all do your research before having surgery. Thank you to all the staff at AZ medical and Prime Spine. You guys are awesome.

Daniel M